Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had a fantastic Halloween!  This was Reese's first time trick or treating and she had a blast.  I was skeptical she would get into it but after the first one or two houses she was off! Our neighbors arranged a block party and we all had a great time.


Unfortunately it was a little too chilly to take the twins out so they snoozed inside with my parents.  I was so proud of myself for buying their costumes ahead of time, but it just didn't work out.  After a treacherous bed time (sugar, late naps, general crabiness) we stole some of Reese's candy and hit the hay in anticipation of my least favorite time of  year...DST.  We had a fantastic time with our little Curious George and can't wait to trick or treat with all three kiddos next year!