Friday, January 13, 2017

Five on Friday

Hallelujiah, it is Friday!  I know in general as a parent this means precisely nothing but for me it means Tom is home for a long weekend.  We have a day date lined up and hopefully everyone continues their upward trend and we can get out and do something fun with the kids.  Anyway, here's what I've got...

1.  Ever since sickness intially descened on our house no one has been sleeping well.  With three toddlers someone is always up, and lately it's been the big kid.  Although I really cannot complain as she is usually a consistently good sleeper, she has gotten into the habit of me coming in to her room throughout the night to help her or sleep with her while sick and now we've set an ugly precedent.  Since she's in a big girl bed and no longer confined to a glorious crib she's been getting up a little too early...ahem 5am.  I purchased an Ok to Wake! Clock and I'm hoping this does the trick for my little literalist.  I am tired.

2.  Speaking of being tired, I saw this floating around somewhere on Instagram and it just made me laugh.  Like, laugh a little hard you know?  This is literally me every.single.morning.

3.  Some new finds from the week...if you are trying to keep up with your protein intake these Quest Cereal Protein Bars are delicious.  So far I've only tried the waffle flavor but there are a couple others that look great.  Quest is always a winner for me and they are awesome to keep in my bag when I'm on the run.

Being the good basic mom I am I make a Target run at least once a week...I mean we always seem to need something.  I'm guilty of peeking through their latest home decor items and their recent stuff is killing me.  Although I almost always refrain from purchasing what I see, I gotta say if this line was around ten years ago when I was single and living alone I would have been all over it.....

4.  I don't know what the deal is but all of my kids have been stage 5 clingers lately.  No matter where I am in the house or what I am doing, they are drawn to me like magnets.  The look of fury I receive from the twins when I sneak off to use the restroom by myself is pretty much laughable at this point.  The horror!  Don't they know there are three of them and just one of me?  I know, I will miss it one day but for now I'd just like a few seconds where someone isn't shoving their hand/leg/foot/head/leg onto my body.  Buuuut, they are so adorable.......

5.  Clingy children seugways nicely into alcoholic beverages no?  As much as I try to get behind wine, and I do like it, my drink of choice will always be vodka.  We've been trying to keep sparkling water around just to have something fun to sip and when Tom brought home some really good news on Tuesday of course we had to have a celebratory drink.  Tito's, Coconut La Croix and a splash of lime juice was heaven and almost made me feel like we aren't in the dead of winter.  Low calories and carbs and delicious...try it!


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