Saturday, January 7, 2017

Surviving Sickopalypse 2017

There's really no way of sugarcoating the first week of 2017 for us.  It has been completely miserable.  This monstrous GI bug that is going around returned to our house on New Year's Eve (after a glorious ten day reprieve) and has taken us all down one by one ever since.  It's around ten degrees outside, we had our first snow day, and I haven't left the house in three days.  I'm not even quite sure what day it is or what's going on in the land of the living.  We've been hunkered down drudging through a haze of sick babies, laundry, all nighters, and all the Lysol ever made.  Oh, and a sick me.   Fun, eh?  Although a couple of us seem to be on the other side (knocking on wood) a few of us are still down for the count.   Playing with Snapchat filters, throwing screen time rules out the window, and a little self care are getting us through.

 I truly believe there is no parenting experience more miserable than taking care of young children when you yourself are sick.  And the more kids, the worse it is.  Since there is no avoiding the inevitable rough times I've been making an effort to pay attention to the little things that make me happy, as silly as they may be.  I've been burning my favorite candle to try to lighten up the ick factor that comes with a house full of sickies.  Instead of trying to squeeze in a shower while juggling sick babies, I've been waiting until right after we put them to bed so I can indulge in a long (and by long I mean 12 minutes and not 2) shower.  During my pre-baby days I showered whenever I felt like it, but now?  I make the most out of it and treat it as my "me-time" when things are particularly rough.  If I'm feeling crazy I break out my favorite sugar scrub and maybe even treat myself to a 2 minute DIY pedicure.  I really know how to live the high life now don't I?  All kidding aside, sometimes it's the sum of these little things is what get me through.

But we can't all be sick forever right?  And in the grand scheme of life, things could be a lot worse than a stomach bug.  Overall, I have three healthy kids, it was a good week to miss work, and we have plenty of new toys from Christmas to keep us somewhat entertained while we weather the storm.  I genuinely miss my babies being happy and running around like the little maniac they are.  Onward!

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