Sunday, July 26, 2015

W&H// One Month!

On July 16th the twins turned one month old.  Just like their sister, it is still so crazy to me that we celebrated their one month birthday before their due date! The month was full of visits from family and friends, late nights, early mornings, and more happiness than I could have imagined.

During the first month the boys stayed on a three hour feeding schedule, day and night. After a
successful one month well check we were given the green light to cease waking them every three hours at night.  They still wake roughly every 3-4 hours to eat but go back down easily so I really have no complaints. 

The biggest challenge this far, and one I think I underestimated, is meeting the needs of all three children at once.  This is a huge transition for Reese at not even two years old, so helping her through it while meeting the demands of caring for newborn twins is much harder and more emotional than I ever really thought.  I think I tell myself I'm a terrible mom about 20 times a day, but I'm working on that!  I have faith we'll all get the hang of our new normal and keep reminding myself things are only going to get easier.  

We are soaking up every moment of our last newborn days and although they are exhausting and pass at a neck-breaking pace, things are so much better than we could have imagined. 


Dear Reese,

So much has changed in the last year and I've watched in awe as you have grown from my little baby to a full fledged little girl.  It is equal parts thrilling and heart breaking.  I suppose I will be saying this for the rest of my life, but I have no idea where the last year has gone.  It feels like I just put you bed on the eve of your first birthday, and here we are celebrating your second birthday!  Just three months after you turned one we found out you would become a big sister to not one but TWO babies.  The next eight months were spent doting on you and spending as much one on one time with you as possible.  You were such a trooper through my pregnancy and took it easy on me as much as I could expect.  
We spent this year playing at the children's museum, hitting up story time at the library, going to our favorite parks, and just enjoying each other.  It has been a fantastic year! 

The weekend before your birthday your dad and I took you to the zoo for a special birthday trip.  You thoroughly enjoyed yourself and particularly loved the giraffes, elephants, and of course, monkeys.

On the day of your birthday you woke up extra early and were greeted with streamers hanging from your bedroom door.  I wish I had a picture of this but sometimes you just have to live in the moment.  Your brothers had just had a feeding and were snoozing so we were able to focus 100% on you. We came downstairs and opened presents and you dug into your birthday donuts.  

You were somewhat lukewarm when it came to presents but you loved the balloons!  We spent the day together and your nana came over to play with us and help get ready for your party.  We had a fun pizza party and opened present and you simply had a blast

Watching you grow is one of the greatest privileges of my and your dad's lives and we love you so very, very much.  Happy birthday to my loving, fiery, and amazing little girl.  "You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars."


William & Henry

William Charles and Henry Paul Shannon joined our family in the early hours of June 16, 2015.  William was born at 1:02am weighing 6lbs. 7oz. and Henry was born at 1:04am weighing 6lbs.  Although the boys were five weeks early and had a brief stint in the NICU, they were home 8 days after birth and are doing exceptionally well.  We are beyond grateful for these precious boys and their health and well being.  Welcome babies!