Monday, February 6, 2017

Scenes from Our Week..

We have been chugging right along and things have been busy yet uneventful.  I've been spending what little free time I have going through closets, purging and organizing what I can in order to get things as ready to list our house.  Every time we plan to move things to storage someone gets sick so we're batting .0000 on actually getting anything done in that department.  But what can you do?

As I was going through the twins' closets I uncovered their swaddle sleeps sacks from the NICU and oh my word I got the biggest mama lump in my throat.  Now, I have zero desire for another baby or to return to the NICU days with two preemies, but it pulled me back in time and for a minute I could remember what their tiny bodies felt like laying on my chest and how magical they smelled.  It still legitimately surprises me that they are walking talking toddlers now!  Grateful grateful grateful.  

Henry man got his THIRD haircut and all the sudden was too big for his mom's lap.  He happily climbed into the barber's chair, situated himself on the booster seat and grinned from ear to ear.  This kid just slays me.

These two buddies have been living the high life while their sister is at school.  Music class at the library, grocery runs...they do it all!  And you know, after having three kids in tow on outings is your normal, taking two is kinda easy.  Well, easy-ish.

We even braved a trip to Ikea with my mom last week!  They have really upped their game and I loved so much of what I saw.  Ikea is such a kid friendly place too so I keep it in my bag of tricks days when the weather is terrible.

 And the highlight of the week, hands down, was when Tom came home from work dressed as T-Rex.  The boys are in a major dinosaur phase right now so dad of the year bought a dinosaur costume and surprised them after work.  Reese and Henry lost their minds with delight but William was a bit more skeptical.  Tom and Reese then made visits to our neighbors and everyone was overjoyed with their real life dinosaur sighting :)

                                          Hope your coffee is stronger than your Monday!