Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekend Update

We had another great weekend for the books!  We kicked off Friday with a trip to the Red Balloon Play Cafe.  Now that the boys are getting older and more mobile they can join in on the fun instead of watch big sister from the stroller.  This is where things get a little easier for me!

Reese was too busy playing/eating/making friends for pictures but she had a great time!

After the boys woke up from their morning nap on Saturday we packed up and headed to the zoo.  I usually take the kiddos there by myself during the week so it's super nice to have an extra set of hands when Tom can come. Plus who doesn't love when dad is there??

I think we saw 3, maybe 4 animals, before our own little zoo started to lose it and it was time to head home.  My current parenting motto is "quit while I'm ahead" so I always try to wrap it up right before the first sign of meltdowns.  The rest of the day consisted of kid naps, a trip to the grocery store that wrapped up with an epic public tantrum, and everyone in bed early!

Sunday was spent hanging out on the porch and an afternoon date for me and Tom while his parents (who also made us dinner I might add!) stayed with the kids.  We have really come to love day dates because a) it gives the kids quality grandparent time b) it eliminates the stress of having someone else handle dinner/bath/bedtime c) we're honestly too tired to hang late night like we used to so we can really enjoy being together during the day. Ah, the life of parents with young kids! 

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