Friday, December 16, 2016

Five on Friday

After reading (and looking forward to) Five on Friday posts for quite I thought I'd jump on the proverbial band wagon and link up.


A few weeks ago I re-joined my old gym and began attending a few classes a week.   I attend one or two 8pm weekday classes (I run out the door after the last kiddo is tucked in) and one each on Saturday and Sunday mornings.   I've resurrected my love of spin (the last class I took I spent most of it running to the bathroom to throw up as I was 8 weeks pregnant with the and boot camp and added a new favorite into the mix...Zumba!  I'm sure I look ridiculous but I have a lot of fun and burn almost the same amount of calories as the other classes, so it's staying in my rotation.  I get an hour to myself that is fun and a win win.

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Speaking of gym, one of our local park districts has begun their preschool open gym and we are all over it.  Twice a week they open up the gymnasium and for $2 per child they have free reign of all kinds of toys.  And the best part for me is it is enclosed...they can only go so far!  We'll be taking advantage of this all winter long.


Lately Reese has been asking me to take pictures of the places I go when I'm not with her.  When I leave for work "mommy you take a picture there for me and show it to me when you get home?"  Same goes for the gym, grocery name it she wants photographic evidence.  And for some reason I think this is the cutest thing ever.  Only for her would I take a selfie in the bathroom at work :)


We have been getting festive up in here and having a lot of fun doing it.  We've hit up the Festival of Lights, and done a bit of baking and decorating (but not too much because...toddlers).  The jury is still out on whether or not we're going to make a visit to see Santa.  Our last few visits have ended in tears and Reese is adamant that she doesn't want to sit on his lap.  So I'm not really feeling like it's worth it, or fun for anyone, to force it.  But the crying picture we'd get would be so epic...


It is officially winter in these parts so I'm on the hunt for activities to take the kids to that are indoor, relatively inexpensive, and make all three kiddos happy.  One of our local library branches re-vamped their kids section and it is fabulous.  We checked it out today and will be frequenting it all winter long.

We have an usually full and fun weekend planned...cheers!

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