Wednesday, March 26, 2014

7 Months!

Dear R,

Since there was no 29th this month, we celebrated your 7 month birthday on February 28th.  You have really had a great month and your personality continues to shine.  You celebrated your first Valentine's Day and got a couple of cute gifts from both sets of grandparents.  This month was a bit of a doozy as you began cutting your first tooth on February 23rd.  Within a couple of weeks you had two bottom teeth!  Unfortunately this caused you a lot of discomfort so you and I had some late nights cuddled in mom and dad's bed.  Luckily as soon as each tooth cut through the gum you pretty much returned to your happy self.  You started sitting in the child seat in shopping carts and you absolutely love it.  You are still so alert and active and every bit a busy body.  When we're out shopping you love to give out big smiles to strangers passing by and you make so many people smile.  We also tried you out in your first restaurant high chair, which didn't go so well...(but for the record this was likely because we were too close to bedtime for you to enjoy yourself!)  You love to hold on to your bottle when I feed you but as soon as I let go you do the same.  You still try to constantly take whatever I'm drinking and you love taking sips of water from a cup.

We had a couple of nice days and we made a bee line for the park.  You love swinging in the baby swing and in general you just love to be out and about taking everything in.  I continue to offer you pureed baby food, which you tolerate, but just don't seem to be into.  I have been offering your more table food and you seem much more content to feed yourself.  We've been trying an unintentional baby led weaning route (God that needs to be called something else!)  and so far it's working well.  You have gotten the hang of picking up food and beginning to chew it, but you don't end up swallowing too much.  You've tried black beans, bread, (tasted) bacon, pasta and avocados.  You recently started enjoying rice puffs and teething "cookies" so I've been giving those to you frequently.  Right now you drink about 28-30 oz per day and you're finally drinking bigger quantities at once.

You are continuing to become so silly and opinionated!  When you become frustrated you ball up your fists and squeal very loudly.  I try not to laugh but it is beyond adorable.  You are making an effort to crawl; you scoot sideways and backwards, just not forward yet.  You lift your leg and booty up and try to inch forward.  You'll be crawling before I know it!  You're getting a lot more hair and it seems to be a dark blonde color....just like your dad.  With the exception of cutting a tooth, you are sleeping about 11 hours a night, going to bed at about 7:30.  You have certainly discovered your voice and you squeal in excitement and frustration.  You are babbling and right now all we can really make out is "na na na".

Reesie, you make us laugh every single day and we've decided you're one of the funniest people we know.  I love you so, so much and you make every day a dream come true.  You sweet and fiery little girl...never change!


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