Monday, August 4, 2014

10 Months!

Dear R,

In an effort to catch up here is your 10 month post...only 2 months late!  What can I say, we've been busy having a lot of fun.  You turned 10 months old on May 29th and this age is proving to be so much fun!  You babble all day long and mama and dada are some of your favorite words.  You absolutely loves dogs, with Lily being your favorite, and is currently obsessed with the 'Dogs ABC' book that dada bought for you.  This month we have made trips to the zoo and spent a lot of time at various parks.  Your dad ran his third (!) half marathon and we celebrated my first Mother's Day. At 10 months old you are cutting your third tooth, sleeping about 11 hours a night, taking 2 naps a day, and enjoying all kinds of food.  You love yogurt, fruit, grilled meat, puffs and string cheese.  You continue to be very independent and driven, crawling and pulling up all over the place.  I love how much you love to be close to your mama and dada, giving hugs and kisses, and going on walks.  We are having so much fun with you and enjoy every minute.  We love you so much little reesie pie!



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