Thursday, September 11, 2014

What We've Been Up To!

Things have been pretty chill around these parts lately (likely to have jinxed us...naturally) and we had an all around great time this past weekend.  We're all gearing up for a bit of travel this month so it was nice to have a weekend to ourselves.  We laid low on Friday night and began our Saturday with respective workouts (run for him, spin class for me).  After R woke up from her nap we took advantage of the mild weather and headed to Findlay Market.  All summer I've been meaning to go but it just never materialized.  So happy we were able to squeeze in a trip!
We wandered around, picked up a few goodies and stopped in the Biergarten to rehydrate.  R enjoyed my water and Larabar and Tom went for gold with a tall beer.

Spontaneous monkey hug from your baby RIGHT as a picture is being taken?  Pure gold.
After we finished up we made the short drive over to the Celtic Festival at Washington Park.  Overall, I gotta say this festival was weak.  But you could buy, and walk around with, beer in public and adorable little dance troups were dancing to Irish music, so it was a good way to spend an hour.  And wouldn't you know, R lost her mind over the music and dancing.  Guess she is half Irish after all :)

Banging on dad's head to the beat of the music!
Sadly the day ended with a pretty ugly Michigan loss, but you can't win them all.  In other news, Authenic Weather App is the most hilarious weather app there is.  Accurate, not so much, but funny...indeed.

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