Wednesday, October 21, 2015

W & H// Months 2 & 3!

Months two and three were a bit of a doozy, with some soaring highs and difficult lows. While its been wonderful watching each boy grow and develop their own personalities, it has come with new challenges.  Right around six weeks Henry seemed to develop colicky behavior and things got a little hairy.  There is no worse feeling than seeing your child upset and not being able to fix it.  On most days 3pm seemed to be the magical hour where things would shift and Henry would become upset for seemingly no reason at all.  He would cry on and off (mainly on) until about 9pm when he'd give in and fall asleep.  We tried everything from swaddling, pacifiers, gas drops, swing, probiotics, white noise, lights on, lights off, rocking/ name it we tried it.  It was frustrating and completely heart breaking and overall hard on everyone.  Mom guilt was the central theme for these months, feeling like I couldn't help Henry and that I wasn't giving William and Reese the attention they needed and deserved.  I spent a lot of energy hoping and praying my little Henry would return to his happy and chill little self, and around 3.5 months he did.  Alas, everyone survived this challenging period and we're all doing just fine!



These months were hard but certainly not all bad.  Both boys started really smiling and cooing and interacting with the world around them.  It goes without saying that having twins means a ton more work, but it also means a ton more awesomeness when they are both cooing and laughing at the same time.  It's crazy adorable.  Schedule wise, the boys started going to bed around 9, woke up once overnight to eat and then again around 6/7am before going right back down until their 9am feeding.  There have been a few nights when the boys slept from about 9:30 to 5:00, but those aren't common place.  Since I still have to get up to pump anyway, the overnight feeding(s) really aren't too big of a deal {thank you coffee}Henry and William have been troopers traipsing all over town taking Reese to various activities and continue to be the sweetest little guys. I'm glad I took a lot of pictures during these months because they are proving to be a total blur!

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