Tuesday, October 20, 2015

W&H// 4 Months!!

On October 16th my sweet little boys turned 4 months old and dare I say, I'm getting the hang of things a bit more.  As we approached four months I began working on a schedule for them as well as consistent nap and bed time routines. I'm not doing any sort of sleep training at this young age but just trying to get some good sleep habits in place and not royally screw that up like I did with Reese!  The boys continue to be full of joy and follow our voices around the room.  They smile, coo, gurgle and laugh and it really just slays me.  I continue to feed them at the same time and aim to put them down for tandem naps and for now, this has been my life saver.  Now that Henry's colic seems to have subsided (please God keep it that way) things are less stressful and everyone seems to be thriving.  Breastfeeding two babies while taking care of a toddler just didn't work for me so I have chosen to pump exclusively and although it has its challenges, it is working for now.  I try to take it day to day and just keep my eye on the prize.

Reese continues to be a phenomenal big sister and for barely being two she is the most helpful and sweet little girl.  Of course we have had our challenges with the big adjustment, but she makes huge strides each month and I'm bursting with pride for her.  I never could have imagined what it would be like to watch your three children play and interact with one another and it is proving to be truly magical.

I still have moments every day when I feel overwhelmed or not up to the task of caring for three kids 2 and under, but those moments are becoming fewer and further between and I'm feeling more confident as a mom to such young children.  I'll always wish for more arms and more hours in the day, but until I can make those things happen I will keep doing the best I can.  I feel very lucky to have this time with them and I want to soak it all up...the good, bad, and even the ugly :)

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