Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gobble Gobble 2016

So Thanksgiving...I mean what is not to love?  A day spent with family eating amazing food without the pressure or hype of gift giving is just about perfect to me.  My kids ( and me...cough cough) ate our weight in turkey, stuffing, pie, and just about everything else.  My only regret is not saving a old pair of maternity pants for the occasion.

This year we celebrated our second Thanksgiving as a family of five this week and had the most special time with family.  The morning was slow and lazy and after kiddo naps we packed up and were off for the day.  We are quite lucky in that both of our families live in tow and only five minutes from one another.  We are even luckier in the fact that everyone gets along and enjoys spending the holiday together.  Depending on what out of town family/significant others etc. are joining we either split the day between both families or one side will host everyone.  This year my parents hosted the whole gang and every detail was memorable.  Unfortunately I was too busy drinking wine and chasing my toddler tornados to document the day but I did squeeze in a few pictures...


Maybe one day I will actually be a grown up and cook for Thanksgiving, but this year my contribution was a cheese dip and sourdough bread....and three cute kids. 

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