Friday, November 18, 2016

Halloween 2016

Despite Halloween falling on a Monday we had the BEST time trick or treating with friends and family.  Although we took Reese trick or treating last year, this year she dove into it 100% and it was such fun to watch her and her neighborhood buddies dominate door to door.  Another fun addition this year was Henry and William!  Last year they were just four months old and after a long and fussy day, we kept them home with my parents while we took the big kid around the block.  The poor buddies didn't even get to wear their costumes.  But fear not, they made up for it this year by being stuffed into last year's unworn costumes (astonishingly they still fit) and carted around in their wagon, buckets in hand.  This Halloween was a bit bittersweet as it is very likely our last Halloween in this house.  We have come to love so many of our neighbors and consider them some of our closest friends.  Now, on the good stuff.  A few months ago Reese declared herself a firefighter and from that moment on she would entertain no other costume ideas.  Done and done.  W & H squeezed into last year's tiger costumes making them the two cutest tigers in all the land.

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