Wednesday, January 11, 2017

On the Mend....(we hope)!

I hate to even type this out, because you know I'm clearly jinxing us all, but all of us appear to be on the mend!  The week started out a little rough and I was honestly struggle to find the silver lining in anything.  Both boys were still not doing so great, fevers and just general malaise, and I ended up taking them to the doctor yesterday morning.   After a couple of speedy checkups Henry seems to just be fighting a cold and our ped feels that William (and the rest of us) have actually been dealing with rotavirus, not just the common stomach bug going around.  I wish their vaccine would have protected them but alas this strain got the best of us.  I think over the last two weeks about 80% of my days were spent holding a minimum of one child, usually two.  When the shit really hit the fan I had one in the Ergo, one in my arms, and one on my lap.  Suffice to say I could use a little "please don't touch mommy" time.  But look at that sweetness...

The good news is they are on the tail end of this beast and both of my little nuggets woke up almost themselves this morning.  We are back to our normal school and work routine but I'm still a little gun shy to take the twins to any public place where there a lot of other kids.  Too soon...can't deal with more illness!   Reese is back to normal and back in school, which is a good thing for everyone.  Poor kiddo really missed school and is so happy to be back.  We all thrive on a routine and it is nice to be getting back to our every day normal.

Disclaimer...on the odd chance we arrive to car line early I let Reese come sit in the front seat....we were parked :)

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